The Farm


The Farm is a natural playground for kids to do what kids do best, run around, get muddy, have fun and act like kids. It's also a place for them to get involved in hands-on activities, get active and gain valuable life skills.

A typical camp at The Farm is designed to provide a balance of fun, team building activities, and learning, with activities ranging from sailing, kayak fishing, wilderness camping and bushcraft, to farming, paintballing, hunting, motorcycle maintenance and firearm safety.

We specialise in teaching off-road motorbiking and horsemanship, providing expert tuition for all levels, from first timers to novice and competition level, as students work through our certificates of achievement.

Our development program in these areas, encourages students to work through levels of achievement each time they visit the Farm, allowing them to develop their skills and earn new certificates.

Whether you're a school, youth group or individual, we will work with you to design your perfect camp - click on the camp links to see examples of our typical camps.